About Me: JR Taylor

23 Sep

Hello Blogosphere,

My name is James “J.R.” Taylor and I am currently a senior at the University of Maryland studying public relations and sociology. After graduation I hope to work in a communications or PR department of an organization I’m passionate about.

This blog is dedicated to The Clarice Smith Performing Art Center, or CSPAC, which is a community of artists, students and performers at the University of Maryland. CSPAC host more than 1,000 performances, lectures and workshops from artists around the world and Maryland Students. This semester, CSPAC will be giving a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, play host to the 2012 UMSO Concerto Competition Finals among a plethora of other events.

CSPAC is a blend of the entertainment and education industries. It is home to numerous classrooms for the students of Maryland to learn about the performing arts. On the other hand, CSPAC is a part of the entertainment industry as well. As mentioned before, CSPAC is host to more than 1,000 performers a year. Both of these fields promote and advertise themselves in different ways. This blog will focus on how CSPAC can do both.

I will focus on how CSPAC, and similar organizations utilize, and how they could best utilize, blogs and other new media platforms. CSPAC currently implements Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. I believe CSPAC could implement these platforms better, and they could implement other new media platforms such as Foursquare, YouTube and other forms of new media to reach a larger audience.