Niche Social Media & CSPAC

1 Nov

It seems that today everyone and organization uses Facebook and Twitter. Other organizations have fully bought into the social media bandwagon and started to use new media platforms like Foursquare, Instagram or Pintrest. This is obviously a smart move on their part, as most of the population, in every demographic, is on at least Facebook and most of the time on another new media platform. However, what if you want to talk to a specific demographic? That my friends, is where niche social media comes in.

Niche social media is a a new media platform for people to specifically talk about one common interest or activity. This can range from people who love dogs to writers to sports enthusiasts. I believe that niche social media could be a great asset for CSPAC. For example, CSPAC  could focus on performing arts niche social media platforms, specifically ones centered around the DC arts community.

An example of a DC based niche social media site is the Performing Arts Network (or PAN). While PAN isn’t exclusively based in DC, it does have a DC/Baltimore (in addition to other arts communities) section for people to talk about that specific arts community. PAN is a community for those in the DC arts community to interact and reach out to one another. For example, one can post or apply for jobs, find housing or sell/buy things related to the arts. Additionally, members of PAN can talk about performances in the area or talk about the audience.

This is obviously a great asset for CSPAC. CSPAC could use something like PAN to not only promote its events directly to a market that is entirely interested and devoted to the performing arts in the DC/Baltimore area, but also just to see what the community is talking about and interested in. Niche social media is also another way CSPAC can engage their audience, which is something Justin Fair (a blogger I recently interviewed) said CSPAC desperately needs to improve on:

“…Justin also noted the un-utilized potential of CSPAC as a community better “community engine” for the arts. What Justin means by this promoting the local arts not only informs students and those following CSPAC of the local arts talents but, the local arts would in return promote CSPAC and draw more performers and potential students  …  CSPAC could better utilize social media by engaging and interacting with local arts in the Hyattsville arts district. Justin’s main point was if you reach out to the local arts, you’ll build a relationship and people will promote you if you promote them.”

As Justin pointed out, CSPAC does not engage with its local community outside of campus effectively. Something like PAN, or I’m sure countless other niche social media sites could be an asset for CSPAC to keep in touch with its community.


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