CSPAC, The Emmys & Social Media

24 Sep

The Emmys are one of the biggest nights on the entertainment industry’s calendar. It highlights excellence in all aspects of television. The best acting, writing, set design and soundtracks are on display. Obviously, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center takes note.

The Emmys do a good job of utilizing and combining new media to get TV fans across the country to get involved with the show. The Emmys use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and to get people to talk about the Emmys and generate interest.

ABC and the Emmys used Facebook and Twitter to post photos of the celebrities as they arrived at the show and of winners with their awards as they won their awards. This allowed fans of those actors/writers to talk about whom they think would win or give their opinions on which nominees they thought should have won.

On Twitter, ABC used the hash tags #Emmys. This allowed anyone watching the Emmys to use #Emmys quickly join the discussion and voice their thoughts on the awards. Not only did the hash tag allow anyone to quickly speak about the awards on Twitter, but because #Emmys was trending, those not watching the awards, might see the trending topic and start watching/tweeting about the show.

ABC and the Emmys also used YouTube to connect towards with their fans. They used their YouTube channel to post videos of interviews of nominees when they arrive at the event, after they’ve won an award or any other noteworthy content from the award show. Posting video coverage of the Emmys on YouTube allows fans to watch or share videos of the Emmys on Facebook, Twitter, Blog or any other social media.

While, it is impressive how the Emmys use social media to engage fans, how they bring all of these platforms together is the most effective. As mentioned before, ABC and the Emmys use YouTube to upload video coverage of the Emmys, but then link to those videos from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Another great example of how the Emmys are converging social media is on their website. They have a instant messenger chat that views can participate in by using either their Facebook or Twitter account. ABC also displays a backstage camera for fans logged on to their website. By bringing together from Facebook and Twitter, and in addition to streaming exclusive coverage of backstage allows the Emmys to connect more of their fans together. Streaming backstage coverage to both their fans on Facebook and Twitter is a great example of how an organization can use new media together and more effectively.

The Emmys are a shining example of how those in the entertainment industry can utilize social media, especially for an event. While some of these tactics are not applicable to CSPAC, most are. For example, CSPAC could post photos and videos of events they’re hosting on their social media outlets to both inform students and their publics of events and build hype and discussion about them.


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